What exactly can I commission you to illustrate?

I don't like to restrict the types of commissions I take on – I love the variety of the commission requests I receive and want to keep it that way. Basically, I will illustrate whatever it is that is personal and memorable to you or whoever you are commissioning an illustration for: a place, a home, a pet, or whatever you wish!

Please note that I don't currently take commissions for people portraits.

What do you need to create the commission?

I create the illustration from your reference photos and descriptions, so I'll need these from you before I can begin.

I start the commission process by creating a simple digital sketch of the commission from the images and descriptions you've provided, which I will then send back to you for approval. This is your chance to see how the final layout of the commission will look and make any last-minute changes before I begin the real thing.

How do you create your illustrations?

I am a watercolour illustrator, so all of my work is created using watercolours. I use a combination of painting free-hand on paper and working digitally using my iPad Pro.


I always begin on my iPad to create the layout, the benefit of this being that it's much easier to add and remove elements of the illustration digitally until I land on the perfect composition. I will then paint all of my commissions by hand. For all portraits, the final thing will be hand-painted. For anything that is going to be printed, such as greetings cards or invitations, I will scan in the painting and continue to work into it digitally to add all the extra details that will make the final printed illustration extra special.

How long will it take?

There is currently a 3-4 week lead time for commissions. I will always make it clear when you first get in touch how long I expect the process to take. If you need a quicker turnaround than this I will try to accomodate as best as I can.

How will you send my commission to me?

I will send your commission to you first class Royal Mail. It will be securely packaged to ensure it get's to you safely.

Alternatively, if your commissioning an illustration as a gift, I can send it straight to your loved one.

Will the commission come framed?

No, the framing of commissions is not a service I currently offer.

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